BaleeGraph (Graph of BALloon tree with Embedding-based Edges) is for visualizing the co-creation state.
Its red elements indicate shared interests; its blue elements indicate the uniqueness of each entity; its yellow path indicates a scenario from the start to the end because:


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Related work

The concept of BaleeGraph was described in [1].

[1] K. Sekiguchi, Y. Ohsawa, M. Iida, and H. Nakamura: BaleeGraph: Visualizing Co-Creation for Social Good, IIAI Letters on Informatics and Interdisciplinary Research, Vol. 4, 2023. DOI:


Source code will be public soon:

The functions to perform the differential calculation was updated as the new graph merging service to be more flexible.

Latest news

Jun 15, 2024 : Update gallery view, gallery merge and graph pages.
Jun 5, 2024 : Update altering perspectives logics further on gallery view page.
Jun 3, 2024 : Update altering perspectives logics.